Leerlauf, 2022 / Strobreden / blurred edges / Hamburg

(room 1)
vielleicht (maybe), 2022 / book: “Die page blanche in der Literatur und bildenden Kunst der Moderne”, 1-cent coin, porcelain plate, battery, dc-motor, neodym magnets, microcontroller

(room 2)
standby, 2022 / furniture arrangement
reset, 2022 / mobile phone of the artist, in-built autocorrect algorithm, relay, copper wire, microcontroller, battery

(room 3)
untitled, 2018 / angle grinder housing, custom Shepard sound, mp3 player, speaker, dc-motor, power bank, microcontroller

A span of time that stretches almost endlessly, a limbo between not yet and not anymore. A flipped coin does not stop spinning, an algorithm writes an endless sentence, and an unplugged angle grinder does not come to a stop. Lorenz Pasch develops surreal gestures that suddenly pause in their movement from beginning to end - as if they wanted to delay the brief moment between becoming and passing. In this way, Pasch extends the imperceptible moment into a sensual continuum of infinite transition. He draws visitors into a hypnotic pull in which they are subjected to constant tension, knowing full well that the climax never seems to come. But it is the ever-approaching approach to a turning point, the mere possibility that does not seem impossible. Yet in the end it remains a fragile artificiality, for all it takes is a breath of wind to force the coin to fall.

Text: Frederik Wellmann