revision, 2020 / Dzialdov / metal, microcontroller, stepper motor, gear, rechargeable lead batteries, lacquer, spruce wood (variable) / duration: 25 min, loop / video projection: 4k, sound, 13 min, loop

Revision is a juxtaposition of a choreographed machine and its performative origin. A roof batten has been carved into a needle and with its tip drags over the ground in circling movements. This produces vibrations, sounds and noises. The machine carries out what was previously developed with the body. While the performative act of the circling body movements puts the performer into a kind of trance an he literally becomes one with his activity, the machine in the middle of the room does the exact opposite with the viewer. It pushes them to the periphery of the space by permanently re-structuring it. As a barrier or pointer it opens and closes pathways or seemingly points to specific places. Its unpredictable yet programmed movements, and the vibrations of the material, give it an anthropomorphic character.